Hazy Days - Cold Brew Sparkling drink with rooibos and strawberry

The sweetest summer drink is a combination of Cold Brew Sparkling rooibos and strawberry puree. You will fall for this one.

Moctail version: 

2 cl strawberry puree (e.g. Modo) or DIY
strawberry syrup
About 1,5 dl Cold Brew Sparkling Rooibos
Cucumber spiral for garnish

Cocktail version: works too!


1. Place the cucumber spiral into a highball
2. Measure the puree or syrup into the glass.
3. Fill with ice.
4. Add Cold Brew Sparkling Rooibos and stir.
5. Serve with the bottle of
Cold Brew Sparkling Rooibos

rooibos syrup:

Add 1 litre of water, 1 kg of sugar and 50 g of
rooibos tea into a saucepan. Heat and stir the
mixture continuously until the sugar has dissolved.
Set aside. Strain and bottle the syrup once fully

Paulig Cold Brew Sparkling drinks are bubbly, fruity and natural soft drinks. Product is made with real cold brew tea or cold brew coffee. Available in Finland.