Coco Loco - Cold Brew Sparkling drink coconut

See the world without limits and try
the New Fresh! Cold Brew Sparkling
Green Tea with coconut —why go
home when you can go nuts?

Mocktail version:

4 cl coconut puree (e.g. Monin*) or DIY
coconut vanilla syrup
1 cl freshly squeezed lemon juice
About 1,5 dl Cold Brew Sparkling Green Tea
A slice of lime and crushed coconut for

Coctail version: works as a cocktail too!


1. Measure lemon juice, syrup or puree into a highball glass.
2. Fill with ice.
3. Add Cold Brew Sparkling Green Tea and stir.
4. Set the lime slice on top and sprinkle with
crushed coconut.
5. Serve with the bottle of
Cold Brew Sparkling Green Tea.

Coconut vanilla syrup

Add 0,5 litres of coconut milk, 1 kg of sugar and 4 cl
of vanilla extract into a saucepan. Heat and stir the
mixture continuously until the sugar has dissolved.
Set aside. Strain and bottle the syrup once fully
cooled. The syrup will give the drink a murky colour.

Paulig Cold Brew Sparkling drinks are bubbly, fruity and natural soft drinks. Product is made with real cold brew tea or cold brew coffee. Available in Finland.