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We hear that Australia and New Zealand have been fighting over who has originally come up with this genius drink for kids!

Nowadays it's more and more common to visit cafés with the whole family and to enjoy the coffee moment together. But what to order for your kid, while you're enjoying a caffè latte or a cappuccino? A babyccino of course!

Babyccino is simply warm milk with cinnamon or cocoa powder, without coffee. And it's sugar free! Kids are delighted to have their own drink while parents can sip their coffees at ease. How relaxing!

You can tune the babyccino with anything you want, for example marshmallows or cookies. But remember not to heat up the milk too hot for the kids!

This drink is easy to make. All you need is:

  • 0,6 dl milk foam
  • Cocoa or cinnamon powder
  1. Pour milk foam into an espresso cup.
  2. Add cocoa or cinnamon powder on top.
  3. If wanted garnish with small marshmallows.