Pour Over with Paulig Drip Station

Filter coffee is making a comeback, but this time the method is pour over rather than traditional coffee brewer.


In the Northern Europe, filtered coffee is especially popular. Did you know, that Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world? And in Finland people typically drink filter coffee. It can therefore be safely assumed that pour over brewing methods, which are currently all the rage in the world’s coffee scene, will also be big up in the northern climes. The pour over  trend is taking coffee brewing in a direction where each cup is handcrafted individually and made to the customer’s specifications. 

Although pour over coffee kits come in many shapes and sizes, they all produce a unique cup each time. The keys here are grinding the coffee beans just before starting the brew, being very precise when measuring out the amount of coffee and water, and optimising the brewing time for each type of bean.

It is the fine details that make a great cup of coffee: pouring speed and technique, water temperature and flow as well as the grind size and the distribution of the grounds in the filter paper. The beauty of pour over coffee is that each cup is individually handcrafted by the barista, producing a truly amazing and memorable brew. 

10 steps to to make pour over coffee with Paulig drip station

You will need:

  • a scale
  • a dripper
  • filter papers
  • a kettle
  • a coffee grinder
  • a carafe
  • 250 ml water + water for preheating
  • 15 g coffee beans

How to make pour over coffee


  1. Put the dripper on top of the carafe. Fold a filter paper along the seams and place it in the dripper. 
  2. Weigh out 15 grams of coffee beans and grind slightly finer than for traditional traditional coffee brewer. 
  3. Wet the dripper and filter paper by gently rinsing with hot water from the kettle through the dripper into the carafe. This also preheats the carafe for your coffee. Remember to discard this warming water!
  4. Add the freshly ground coffee to the filter.
  5. Measure 250 g of hot water into the kettle and pour over the coffee grounds in a circular motion, avoiding the centre.
  6. Pour about 50 grams of (boiling) water on coffee bed. Once the coffee bed is fully saturated with water, stop pouring and allow the surface to bubble. This is called ‘the bloom’.
  7. Pause for a moment (about 30 sec), letting the bloom to settle.
  8. Continue pouring until the coffee liquid adds up to about 200 grams. Pause again and wait for the water level to fall about half-way down the dripper.
  9. Gently pour in the rest of the water along the edges to pull away any grounds stuck to the filter wall.
  10. This will yield around 200–230 ml of coffee and take around 2.5 minutes to prepare.

 For supplies, visit sites such as Paulig Professional web shop