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22 May
23 May

European Coffee Expo

EUROPEAN COFFEE EXPO 2018 is a true first in the UK as it’s entirely focused on the business of great coffee, tea, soft drinks and the equipment and accessories required to prepare and serve them. 

1 June

World Milk Day

The day established by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food. Celebrate by serving caffé lattes and cappuccinos :)

6 June

National Day of Sweden

The National Day of Sweden is the anniversary of the coronation of King Gustav Vasa. Although it’s almost 500 years since he was crowned, the day can still be celebrated with a cinnamon bun or a new latte art pattern.

22 June


Midsummer or St John’s Day is the celebration of the summer solstice and the longest day of the year. In Eastern Finland people have bonfires and in Western Finland they raise maypoles in the Swedish way. The best-known Estonian ritual is jumping over bonfires, while on the Saaremaa island entire old fishing boats may be burned. The perfect drink to serve during the nightless night is a cold brew made from New York beans.

4 July

Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is the Independence Day of the United States. A great way to mark the occasion this side of the pond is to have a cold brew made from New York beans.

7 July

World Chocolate Day

What a sweet month, July! Celebrate World Chocolate Day with coffee and simple piece of chocolate – or go to the other end and make a bunch of chocolatey freakshakes for all.

16 July

Ice Cream Day

The National Ice Cream Day is celebrated on 16 July. If the sun is out, get an ice cream and take a seat outside to enjoy it with a cup of coffee or perhaps launch a ‘coffee with ice cream’ campaign.
National Ice Cream Day


27 July

National Sleepy Head Day

The Finnish National Sleepy Head Day is related to the legend of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus. The tradition is to wake up the last person sleeping in the house by throwing them in the lake or sea or throwing water on them. Better make sure you’re wide awake bright and early by having some coffee!