Upcoming events
30 September
3 October

Coffee Roasters Guild

Coffee Roasters Guild Camp in Annecy, France is a place to learn, improve, and became a better roaster while sharing a great experience with others in roasting community!

4 October
5 October


This Years theme is climate change adaptation in coffee so its going to be super interesting few days in Oslo. 

28 October
29 October

Caffè Culture

This event is for you if you are interested in UK's cafe scene. Lots of lovely stuff for sure!

20 November
22 November


This event is a gathering the coffee value chain together, from producers to passionate coffee consumers. So if you in Belo Horizente you should most definitely visit!

30 November
2 December

The Milan Coffee Festival

This a place of great love affair of coffee and good food. So if you are fan of thise two you should most def go to Milan during the Coffee festival!