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12 December

International Gingerbread House Day

Make a gingerbread house today! Did you know that ginger and other spices were originally added to the dough to make it keep longer?

21 December

Winter solstice

The winter solstice, or simply midwinter, is the shortest day of the year. Curl up in the sofa and have a nice hot cup of coffee. 

24 December

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas Day and celebrated on 24 December. For Finns Christmas Eve is the big day, while in many other countries the main day for celebrations is Christmas Day.

25 December
26 December

Christmas – with plenty of time to enjoy coffee!

At Christmas there’s time to sit down with family and enjoy the good company over coffee. If you’re getting a bit tired of traditional Christmas flavours, make a pot of cold brew for Christmas Day brunch.