BLOG // // 24.10.2017

Coffee Is for Sharing: Coffee Community in Lithuania

When my friend suggested a grand cupping with different coffees, I was all in. Creating a coffee community or coffee events on your own is just a matter of getting people and coffee together.

Coffee community is very important for all of us who are interested in coffee. A community is a way to find people who have same interests, improve your skills, share information and always be around the things you are obsessed with, things you live for.

Around the world we can find coffee enthusiasts who are focused on different fields of coffee industry: cupping, preparation methods, green coffee, origin counties, brewing, sensory skills, barista skills, specialty coffee… One of the countries, Lithuania, also has a great coffee community which brings together all Lithuanian coffee lovers.

Share your coffee with others

A few weeks ago, I found my friend Greta Mozolevskytė’s post on Facebook and Instagram.  In the post she embraced the meaning of sharing the coffee and the culture around it with others. She had been travelling and had different coffees to taste. What she hoped, was people to join the cupping and make a grand cupping together with everyone.

Coffee Is for Sharing Greta Mozolevskyte

Greta has been engaged with coffee more than 6 years. I remember her from the Lithuanian coffee championships: latte art, cupping and barista championship. She’s very active in coffee business, and her idea is to create a coffee community called “Coffee is for sharing”. The main idea of the community is that all coffee lovers should share their knowledge about coffee, change information with each other and be more involved in coffee tastings.

Coffee cupping with 34 coffees

So, after Greta’s post on Facebook and Instagram, she received a lot of positive letters from people who wanted to participate and bring coffee to the cupping from different countries. After the great comments Greta organised first coffee cupping with “Coffee is for sharing”. I’m very happy that I get to be part of this community and that I had a chance to be part of its first event.

The event was open to all and took place in one of the newest coffee shop Backstage coffee. The coffee shop is absolutely the trendiest place in Vilnius for a perfect cup of coffee. We did cupping with coffees from Hungary (Casino Mocca), Italy (Ditta Artigianale), Lithuania (Taste Map, Strange Love, Kavos bankas, Crustum, Caffeeine Roasters), Latvia (Rocked Bean) and Finland (Paulig). To sum up, we had 34 coffees from different countries and 28 coffee lovers from Lithuania.

Cupping in Vilnius Lithuania

After the event, we were able to pick up different coffees as much as we wanted. Because the main goal is to share.

The cupping was the first coffee event of the community, and we are planning to have more and also different types. Everyone is welcome to join! The reason why we are doing this is because we love coffee and we need to share information with everyone who are interested in coffee. So follow “Coffee is for sharing” and become a part of this wonderful community (Facebook page coming later this year!).

Cupping in Vilnius Lithuania Backstage Coffee

Cupping is a method of evaluating different characteristics of a particular coffee bean. Cupping allows us to compare and contrast coffees against each other, and it allows us to get a better understanding of each coffee. We cup coffees to understand their basic tastes. This can help us understand where different coffees could be slotted into blends not o­nly for this brewing method but all other methods too. It also makes us look at coffee in its basic form and appreciate some of its finer points. As already said, it’s a fantastic evaluation tool for something that changes from farm to farm, region to region, country to country and crop to crop.

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