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Vilnius Café Guide

If you’re interested in coffee and want to find speciality coffees – come to Vilnius! There are so many great places for coffee enthusiasts. Let´s share our experience, knowledge and have fun together.

I’m a huge coffee lover, and coffee’s not just my work. It's also my lifestyle. Vilnius surprises me all the time and brings in the best coffees from all over the world. Luckily, we have a lot of good cafes in town, and I’d love to share my opinions and give tips and recommendations. Here‘s a list of some of the most interesting and inspiring cafes:

Strange Love

Cafe Vilnius Strange Love

A specialised coffee shop in Old Town Vilnius. This cafe has a roastery of its own, so you’ll be able to taste speciality coffees made with different methods.
It’s an inspiring place for people with passion. In my opinion it‘s the best coffee shop in town. I just love everything here: the atmosphere, the people, the environment, the place and the decoration. This place is so cool, especially in the spring and summer. They a have beautiful terrace (behind the most beautiful park in town). I really recommend that you visit and have an espresso there!

Address: Barboros Radvilaitės g. 6b, Vilnius.
Instagram: strangelove_vilnius
Facebook: Strange Love

Taste Map

Cafe Vilnius Taste Map

This cafe takes you directly onto the coffee tasting map. This place always surprises me. Every time I come here I see new coffee beans from all around the world: Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya – each coffee lover will find their own favourite coffee beans.
Here you can also get advice about coffee, how to prepare and make pour-over coffee and information about other coffee-making methods. The baristas are very passionate and professional and able to educate you about coffee and coffee culture. You will definitely find exceptional quality of freshly roasted coffee beans which will take you onto the TASTE MAP.

Address: Gynėjų g. 14 (Rise Vilnius) ir M.K.Čiurlionio g. 8, Vilnius.
Instagram: @TASTEMAP
Facebook: TASTE MAP

Kavos Virejai

Cafe Vilnius

One of my favourite cafes in Vilnius for good coffee, nice atmosphere/attitude and pleasant chats while sipping perfect fresh coffee. They offer two different types of espresso and several types of filter coffee – from intense espressos and powerful Americanos to full-fat lattes and flat whites, and from full-bodied AeroPress to mild and flavourful Chemex brews. On their food menu you'll find smoothies and fresh juice, desserts, daily-made sandwiches and specials. The atmosphere has a nice vibe, really highly recommended.

Address: Pylimo g. 19, Vilnius.
Instagram: @kavosvirejai
Facebook: Kavos virejai

Coffee Inn Roasters

Cafe Vilnius Coffee Inn Roasters

Espresso and Brew Bar, Artisan Roastery, Barista Academy & Educational Space – they serve exceptional coffee in the very heart of Vilnius. This place is perfect for people who truly appreciate coffee. Very friendly staff, great atmosphere, and an unbelievable mixture of tastes! If your passion is coffee, this place is a must. Every barista here is ready to have a professional discussion with you about coffee.

Address: Pylimo g. 19, Vilnius.
Instagram: #coffeeinnroasters
Facebook: Coffee Inn Roasters


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