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Raf Coffee - What is It and How to Make it?

Outside of Russian borders, Raf coffee might sound something ever heard of. Raf coffee has been booming in Russian in the past decades and now it's starting to enter other coffee cultures as well. See what is Raf about and how to make it!

What is Raf?

Close your eyes and imagine drinking hot vanilla ice-cream just with coffee? Smooth, sweet and silky with nice and creamy aftertaste – this is all about Raf coffee. What is Raf? You may ask, and it comes as no surprise. Being one of the most popular and common drink of the Russian coffee scene for the last 20 years, Raf is still almost unknown outside the borders.

Raf coffee

The legend of Raf coffee

The beverage has appeared in Moscow at the end of 20th century in the coffee shop “Coffee bean”. Legend has it that one of the frequent guest and coffee lover Rafael (Raf in short) asked barista to make something special and milky, but not cappuccino, and barista created this drink, consisted of espresso shot, cream and vanilla sugar steamed together. Soon the beverage has become extremely popular and spread rapidly among the Russian coffee shops. Nowadays the top coffee shops offer their guests lavender, citrus, pear, banana and a lot more types of Raf to choose from. Which one would you prefer, just use your imagination! Levander Raf won my heart, but classic vanilla is something worth trying.

How to make Raf coffee?

Try this delicious and easy-to-make coffee drink with the recipe below.

All you need is:
•    30 ml Paulig espresso
•    1,3 dl of cream, 10-11%
•    1,5 tsp of vanilla sugar
•    espresso machine with a steam wand
•    a scale
•    a pitcher


  1. Grind the beans and make an espresso shot into a small cup.
  2. Add vanilla sugar to a pitcher.
  3. Add espresso to the pitcher.
  4. Add cream to the pitcher.
  5. Mix and heat all the ingredients in the pitcher using steam wand until creamy and ice-cream-like texture. 
  6. Pour into a glass or a cup and enjoy!

Easy, isn't it? :)

How to make Raf coffee at home?

 Last year Paulig has launched in Russia new city blend; Paulig Café Moscow, ideal for brewing a Raf coffee at home. 
Watch from the video below how to make real Russian Raf at home!

All you need is:

  • 1 dl of Paulig Moscow coffee
  • 1 dl of cream, 10-11%
  • 1.5 tsp of vanilla sugar 
  • French press
  1. Make Paulig Moscow coffee in a french press (use 4 tsps. of coffee per 100 of water) and pour it in a warm pitcher or mug, clean the french press.
  2. Heat the heavy cream in a saucepan to 60-65 °C *.
  3. Pour coffee into a clean and warm french press back.
  4. Add vanilla sugar and cream and attach the lid.
  5. Plunge and rise french press filter rapidly until the coffee doubles (approx. 30 seconds).
  6. Mix the beverage slightly in a circular motion.
  7. Pour the Raf into the cups and enjoy!

* Do not overheat or boil the cream.