Niks Brensons Barista Trainer

Niks Brensons


I am surprised from historical point of view how coffee has made so different people and cultures closer by aiming to seek a small nuances in a drink that comes from plant seed.

As this culture was developing in past in various ways, it is continuing to do that with huge steps even now! And that can be seen in all around the globe from one side of a coffee machine or another.

I am a local coffee trainer, so I wouldn’t mark myself as a barista as I know that being a barista is a list of challenges in many aspects. And those aspects are kind of different than those that coffee trainers have. But that’s a different story.

I’ve never attended any competitions neither as a competitor or judge but my own development in this global phenomena culture did took a place with various SCAE certificates – barista, sensory skills and green coffee. And I can’t wait to get knowledge in roasting field. Like a missing jigsaw, I feel that all this knowledge together should be a game-changer to understand what’s in a cup!

Dream coffee destination: I would love to have a quick tour in central America and Africa to look for coffee grower communities.