Mihkel Jürimaa //
// 29.1.2019

How to make energy with used coffee grounds?

At the end of October, Paulig launched a coffee grounds campaign in Estonia. In 25 days we collected 4.4 tons of used coffee grounds, thanks to the companies and citizens who joined the project. The energy company Nelja Energia produced over 2,000 kWh of bioenergy from coffee grounds at their biogas plant. With that green energy we covered the energy needs of five households in SOS Children's Village for one month. 


4.4 tons of coffee grounds was a great achievement as our goal was to collect 100 kg of coffee grounds a day. We are grateful to the companies that joined the project, there were 20 of them altogether.

Comment from the Defense Forces, who was one of the participant in the project: "We were very pleased to participate in this project, and we definitely are ready to contribute to environmentally friendly projects also in the future. Although the campaign lasted for a short time, we collected almost 350 kg of coffee grounds in our catering complexes in Tallinn, Paldiski, Ämari and Tartu, " said Janno Isat, Sub-Lieutenant in Defence Forces.

Erkki Kallas, Production Manager in energy company Nelja Energia, described the project as a win-win-win solution, as it contributes to reuse, renewable energy and supports SOS Children's Villages. "Environmentally friendly energy and helping those in need begins with concrete steps and decisions. We are happy to have decided to go along with Paulig's idea to use the coffee grounds to produce electricity at our biogas plant and donate all the proceeds to charity."

With the coffee energy project Paulig wanted to demonstrate that a small change in daily activities could lead to something big. We are excited to repeat the coffee grounds campaign next year.

recycling coffee

Remember, there are plenty of opportunities to reuse the coffee. Example in the garden: For the pest repellent, fertilize garden, compost it for later, caffeine for carrots. One of the coolest and latest coffee reuse idea is coming from nat-2™ who launches 100% vegan sneakers made from recyled coffee ground.

We give our best to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, and there are many possibilities how you can invest for that. Every coffee beans counts!

Recycling coffee

Our idea came from our colleagues from Lithuania. This year Paulig facilitated a campaign in Lithuania where 13,5 tons of used coffee grounds were collected and turned into energy - the amount that lightened up the whole street in Vilnius’ Old Town! Over 200 companies - from business centers to restaurants to bars to gas stations to small offices joined the initiative and together 13,5 tons of coffee grounds were recycled to energy!