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// 27.11.2017

Tallinn Café Guide

If you are in Tallinn and crave some good coffee, this is the post for you! Tallinn has many great cafés to visit, but here’s my top 5 cafés.

I, as a coffee professional and specialty coffee enthusiast, like my cup of coffee being brewed manually. Hario V60 or Chemex are my main choices these days. I prefer them because of the clean taste and because they bring up the best in coffee. Of course, I wouldn’t say no to a good espresso either :)

Tallinn has many cool cafés for coffee enthusiasts like me, so here we go: best places for coffee geeks in Tallinn!

Renard Coffee Shop: Best coffee knowledge

Renard Coffee shop is located in most trendy and bohemian part of Tallinn called Telliskivi Loomelinnak (Telliskivi Creative City).

On the menu, you can find a lot of different coffees from different origins. Coffee selection varies from time to time in order to give customers different taste experiences. When I visit this café I usually love to try different single origin coffees brewed manually. Last time I drank Kenyan Gathugu made with HarioV60 and the taste was very clean and fresh with gentle blackberry nuances.

In this café coffee is treated with a great deal of respect. Employees are true baristas and coffee professionals. They offer a great coffee experience because of their endless love for coffee. Here you can find many different coffees brewed in various roasters. Also, what makes this place so special is because coffee is brewed here with love and passion.


Unfortunately this café was closed down after this blog post was published.

Best cafés in Tallinn Renard Coffee Shop

RØST Pagar & Kohv: Good coffee and pastry

Røst Pagar & Kohv (“Roasted bread and coffee”) is a very cosy little place, with just six small tables and some window seats, located in the city centre in Rotermann quarter. In Røst Pagar & Kohv two great things are combined together: freshly brewed coffees and freshly baked bread and pastry. They bake fresh bread all day long and the place smells truly amazing :)

Their coffee menu is very simple, mostly espresso-based drinks like espresso macchiato, cappuccino and flat white. However, you also can find coffees made with pour over such as Chemex, V60, Aeropress and Kalita. They offer a small selection of coffees from small roasteries. Selection of coffees changes from time to time. The day I visited, they had a selection of coffees roasted in US West Coast: Sight Glass, Mothership coffee roasters, Dark Horse coffee roasters, Blue Bottle, etc.

I chose Kenya Windrush, Kiambu Peaberry by Sight Glass roasters brewed with V60. It was juicy, fresh and delicate with a distinct taste of blackberry.

So if you want a cup of good coffee and have a bite of fresh bread or pastry, this is your place to go in Tallinn. Oh, and if you go be there then you just have to try their cinnamon or cardamom buns ;)



Best cafés in Tallinn Røst Leib Kahv

The Living Room: Authors choice

Small specialty cafe in Tallinn’s city centre, only two minutes away from Freedom Square. Their slogan is “Trade bad coffee for good!”, and that is exactly what you will get there. As the place is meant mainly for students and it is run by students, their prices are very friendly.

They roast their own coffee with a small 300g air roaster, and soon they will have also a 3kg roaster. Small amounts keep coffee quality stable. Coffee menu and selection of coffee brewing methods were very impressive. Coolest method I saw there was a wooden coffee maker from Lithuania called BRO.

When I visited the café, they had four different origin coffees on the menu and all with high cupping scores. I tried Tanzania Peaberry (my latest favourite!) with the score of 88,6 made with a Clever Dripper. Amazing bright taste with a lot of berry notes. I have to say that I was very impressed with coffee and the place itself. If you’re looking for a really cosy place and a good coffee experience, this is the right place to visit. My favourite place :)



Best cafés in Tallinn The Living Room

Gourmet Coffee Ülemiste: Best quality takeaway coffee shop

Small takeaway café located in Ülemiste business district near Lennart Meri Tallinn airport. It is a little far from the city centre but still worth a visit if you have some spare time. They work from Monday to Friday 8:00-17:00. This is the place where you can grab your morning coffee on the way to work and get excellent quality. Coffees they use are roasted by Estonian coffee roastery Coffee People. Both Gourmet Coffee and Coffee People belong to the same company. From their selection, I ordered Honduras Inga Aponte brewed with Hario V60. Well treated and very well brewed coffee with all the tastes in balance. I would call it my perfect morning coffee.

From this shop, you can also buy a wide selection of coffee beans from different origins, teas and all sorts of different coffee gadgets. Everything you need to make your own quality coffee at home.



Best cafés in Tallinn Gourmet Coffee

Björn Espresso Bar: Best espresso in Tallinn

This is your place to go when you want to have a good espresso. Björn Espresso Bar is located in Tallinn’s city centre, not far from Radisson SAS. Their main focus is coffee and especially espresso. Selection of coffees varies from time to time. I had an opportunity to taste some Tanzanian PB coffee from small Latvian coffee roaster Kalve. Very nicely balanced and bright tasting espresso. Coffee was treated with respect and explained to me very well. A definitely place to go back to.

In addition to excellent espressos, they also make pour overs and sell fresh pastry to go with the coffee. Very nice place to get together with your friends for good cup of coffee.

I love the place because of its simplicity, good service and excellent espresso.


Best cafés in Tallinn Bjorn


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