Kati Kivikas Barista Trainer Paulig Estonia

Kati Kivikas


Coffee is a big inspiration in my everyday life with all its tastes and flavors!

Hi, my name is Kati, I’m a Barista Trainer from Tallinn. I have been working with coffee and as a Barista Trainer over 12 years now. I love my job, because of the ingredient itself and the excitement it provides!

I am 2 x Estonian National Barista Champion and I have been competing twice at World Barista Championships. I have judged several national competitions in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. I have trained two barista champions and several finalists in Estonia.

Fun fact about you:  I love horseback riding, but I haven’t done it for many years now. Also l love to eat avocados. A lot!

What’s your coffee superpower?  Making good coffee every day!

Dream coffee destination:  That would by Tanzania or some other African coffee producing country.  Also I would like to visit Nordic capitals such as Copenhagen and Oslo, because of their highly advanced coffee cultures.

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