BLOG // // 26.12.2018

New Styles of Brewing Coffee

Do you crave for more methods for coffee brewing and want to explore the options a bit further? Me and 15 other coffee nerds attended an interesting workshop during the first ever Helsinki Coffee Week and I’ve got something to share with you!  

Why to extract the coffee the same old way?  

Did you ever think there could be something more when you once again brew with some well-known brewing methods using some well-known recipe? Or did you ever wish some of the old classics would get new clothes? Jarkko Issukka, Roastery Ambassador for Robert Paulig Roastery together with Pekka Välitalo, Brand Ambassador for Pernod Ricard Finland guided us to explore the possibilities of extracting coffee. Here are three different styles to amaze your customers – and yourself! 

robert paulig roastery

Sous-Vide is not for food only 

Sous-Vide means vacuumed and as a method it is decades old. This type of cooking is done by vacuuming the ingredient and putting the vacuum pouch into hot water for relatively long time to make the ingredient moist, tender and nice by using sensitive temperature and sealing the moisture in. Why not to try what all this sensitivity makes to coffee!      

Sous-Vide Coffee
500 g water cold water 
31 g coffee (grind level: French Press) 

Measure the water and the coffee to a vacuum pouch. You can also use a Minigrip plastic pouch if you don’t have a vacuumizer. Get rid of all the air inside the pouch and place the pouch in 70 c Sous-Vide for 27 minutes. Filter the coffee when ready.  

coffee sous vide

Mellow Cold Brew within minutes 

Cold Brew has been around quite a while, too, but it has been rising for the last years and now it seems to be one of the trendiest types of coffee preparation. Cold water and long contact time bring us a balanced, sweet brew with no peaked bitterness or harsh acidity.  It is just that this method takes time, so now we have a quick way for us to try out!    

Rapid Infusion Cold Brew 
500 g cold water 
73 g coffee (grind level: AeroPress)

Measure the coffee and the water to a cream siphon. Close the siphon. Shoot one N2O cartridge into the siphon. Shake the vessel for 10 seconds and shoot the gas away keeping the siphon upwards. After the gas has got out, open the siphon and filter the coffee. The result can be used as a base for different kinds of coffee drinks. 

TIP: You can also infuse hot coffee. Use then 40 grams of coffee instead of 73 grams. 

rapid infusion cold brew

AeroPress has new tricks

AeroPress has been around since 2005 but it already has its own championship and all! BTW have you heard about the movie they made about it? With this little fellow you are able to make wide range of brew and you can even use it upside down to do the inverted brew. And, as we found out during the workshop, this device can also be used for Irish Coffee preparation – or Aeroish Coffee, as Jarkko and Pekka called it!

Aeroish Coffee  
4 cl Irish whiskey 
6 g sugar 
12 g coffee (grind level: AeroPress) 
120 g hot water 

Measure all the ingredients to AeroPress. Let steep for 1,5-2 minutes. Press the drink out into an Irish Coffee glass and apply a cream float on top of the drink. 

Irish coffee with Aeropress

Go and explore 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You can go and modify the recipes and also try out yet another new methods to see how your brew comes out. Have fun – and please tell us below in the comments if you come up with something exceptional when exploring! 

Picture credits: Antero Semi and Karoliina Mäkelä