Jori Korhonen //
// 8.10.2019

The Best Coffee Knowledge Accounts in Instagram

Instagram is a source of coffee inspiration but it can be also used to learn more about coffee. We try to spread coffee knowledge in our account @barisainstitute but I wanted to introduce a few more accounts where you can learn lots about coffee. Here are in my opinion the best accounts for coffee knowledge in Instagram.

Barista Hustle

barista hustle
Barista Hustle Instagram

Let’s start off with probably the geekiest one. Barista Hustle is a coffee knowledge and barista training community established by Matt Perger. They don’t share much knowledge in their Instragram account but there they promote their blogs and training programs where you can the knowledge. Barista Hustle is mostly concentrated on brewing coffee but nowadays they have started to post also about raw coffee and coffee origins. 

Perfect Daily Grind

Perfect Daily Grind Instagram

… is an another coffee blogging site. Perfect Daily Grind is an excellent source of coffee knowledge and actually I have learned a ton by reading their blogs and following them in Instagram. Highly recommended!

Scott Rao

scott rao
Scott Rao's Instagram

… is a coffee roasting guru who has written the books “The Coffee Roasters Companion” and “The Professional Barista’s Handbook”. He is sharing excellent tips about different aspects of coffee in his Instagram account so make sure to follow him. Check out his blog also.

Socratis Coffee 

socratis coffee
Socratis Coffee Instagram

behind Socratis Coffee are Joe and Jeremy who in their own words are "coffee/research professionals performing self-funded coffee experiments to provide open & honest objective data & analysis." Their account is must-follow for every espresso machine and gadget geek and their studies are precise and useful.

James Hoffmann

jimseven instagram
Screenshot from James Hoffmann's Instagram

... is the World Barista Champion 2007 and co-founded Square Mile Roasters, the pioneering quality coffee roastery from London. He is sharing useful tips in his account and you should definitely look into his Youtube channel.

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