Jori Korhonen //
// 12.6.2018

The Best Cafés to visit in Amsterdam

Which are the must-go cafés in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is hosting World of Coffee 2018 but it isn’t necessary known for its cafés and roasteries in the same way as Berlin or London are - which is a shame I think. Amsterdam has many interesting places to offer in terms of coffee and otherwise it is in my opinion the most beautiful city in the world. Here are my tips for cafés to visit while in Amsterdam!

Bocca Coffee

Kerkstraat 96-98, Amsterdam


This place is one the reasons why I decided to consider coffee as a career. It was fall of 2015 when I was doing my student exchange in Amsterdam and Bocca became my regular place to study. The reason why I always cycled 8km to Bocca was their super interesting and tasty coffees. They serve quite a range of different drinks such as four different espressos, a few option as filter pour overs and all basic milk beverages. All coffees are really dialled in so I don’t think I ever had bad experience in Bocca.

Bocca is easy to reach because it’s close to Museumplein and the biggest shopping streets. It is on a quiet street so it’s perfect place to relax after wondering hours among the canals. It might get crowded during busy hours but they have such a big place that I haven’t had problems finding a place to seat.

By the way Bocca at least used to be the only café in the world that has 4-group La Marzocco Strada. It has been done just for them and it is two 2-group machines combined. 

If you happen to visit Bocca, ask if Kaspar is working and demand him to show his latte art skills. You might be able see some quite impressive patterns. ;)


Camperstraat 48-50, Amsterdam


If you’re a fan of Scandinavian design, 4850 is your place to visit. It is owned and run by same Scandinavian guys as Scandinavian Embassy so it’s no wonder both places look like they would be in Stockholm or Copenhagen. Among tasty coffees that they brew with Synesso MVP and pour over methods, they also serve Scandinavian dishes and natural wines. They said that they will also concentrate more on drinks in the future. We got into a little conversation about coffee and the barista told me that they try to switch between different roasteries as often as they can and they are always looking for interesting coffee around the world.

4850 is located a bit off from the downtown but it’s only a 10min bike ride (which is THE WAY to move in Amsterdam). They have quite a spacious terrace as well for those sunny summer days.

Scandinavian Embassy

Sarphatipark 34, Amsterdam


Another Scandinavian place in Amsterdam. Scandinavian Embassy is in my opinion the best name for a café that I’ve ever encountered. Serving coffees from Scandinavian roasteries and other northern delicaties, it is totally worth a visit. Try out their funky extractions from wild berries and herbs which they serve as “tea” or “ice-tea”. Not to forget their coffees which are pretty much extracted perfectly. 

Scandinavian Embassy is quite tight place so it might be hard to find a seat during peak hours. It is located next to a big park so why not enjoy your yummy cup in the sun if it’s too crowded inside.

Naked Espresso

Warmoesstraat 46, Amsterdam


Previously I wouldn’t have recommended any café near the central railway station but thankfully Naked Espresso has solved the situation. Confusingly it is located right in the middle of worst touristic streets but don’t let the surroundings fool you. Brewing Stooker Roasters Co.’s coffees with Slayer Steam espresso machine you can assume that your espressos will be tasteful.  Also they brew their filter coffees with 3TEMP Hipster brewer which is most likely the most advanced filter coffee brewer in the world. 

I was in a bit of a hurry when I visited Naked Espresso so I didn’t pay much attention what kind of selection do they offer. I just enjoyed my Ethiopian espresso with a little conversation with the barista about the Slayer Steam and went on to catch my flight back home.

Bakers & Roasters

Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 54 & Kadijksplein 16


You can just skip your hotel’s breakfast in Amsterdam because of Bakers & Roasters. Trust me, they have the best breakfast in the world. Eggs, bowls, pancakes and you name it. They have two locations; one right next to Museumplein in De Pijp and another a bit east from the Red Light district. I’m not entirely sure what kind of coffees do they use because I’ve just concentrated on food at their place but quite sure they are as delicious as their food stuff. 

A few more that might be worth visiting

Back to Black

Weteringstraat 48 & Van Hallstraat 268

Black Gold

Korte Koningsstaart 13

Lot Sixty One

Kinkerstraat 112

white label coffee

Jan Evertsenstraat 136


Binnen Dommersstraat 15

Monks Coffee Roasters

Bilderdijkstraat 46