Jori Korhonen //
// 8.12.2020

How to Pour Latte Art - 101 Videos

Latte art most likely the most exciting thing to learn for a barista but on the other hand latte art isn't easy. We have made some latte art videos for you to check out and we hope these latte art videos help you to become better at pouring  latte art.


Heart is the pattern that baristas usually start their career in the wonderful world of latte art. It is a simple pattern to practice but a hard one to master. It's simple to start with because you basically need just one movement to pour a heart; centered pour to one spot. It becomes more difficult when you want to pour bigger and more symmetrical heart - it requires steady hands and a lot of pouring speed.


Once you get going with the heart pattern, it might be fun to start practicing tulips. Tulip is basically the sample pattern as heart but poured many times in a row. To successfully pour tulips one needs to practice a lot of the pouring speed as tulip requires a lot of speed in a short period of time. Once you get going with a basic tulip (3-4 layers) you can start challenging yourself; how many layers are you able to pour?!


Wiggle wiggle wiggle! Rosetta is all about wiggle! You need to wiggle your pitcher to create the wave pattern that forms the rosetta. Some say that rosetta is easier to pour than a heart - do you agree or are you like me who things heart way easier? The pour to the perfect rosetta with wide base you need yet again think about your pouring speed; the faster the pour, the more the pattern will spread. That is the key when pouring the biggest and most symmetrical rosetta.


Once you master the heart and rosetta, it's time to continue to the swan pattern. It's almost impossible to start with swan as it requires three pouring techniques; ball or heart, rosetta and draw. Rosetta to make the tail, draw to make the spine and neck and heart to make the head. And all of these in one pour! 

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