Ieva Pikzirnyte

Ieva Pikžirnytė


I call myself a 'food' or gastronomic person, since I‘m all into it. From finishing my masters in Food Identity, to being a certified chocolate taster and connoisseur, finishing champagne academy or nutrition courses online and diving into the interesting world of flavors, tastes. 

I believe in life-long learning, I like learning and I need it like a fresh air – that‘s why its so cool that at Paulig there‘s plenty opportunites for that: coffee trainings, SCA trainings (I wish to take as much as I can), taste academy courses, Barista Hustle and our Barista Institute is full of awesome information. Its also very inspiring to have professional colleagues who share all that they know with me, a beginner. I promised to participate in the next cupping competition at Vilnius Coffee Festival – so many cuppings are coming my way, yay!

I am passionate about traditional and local foods and drinks, history of gastronomy, slow food. My bookshelf consists mainly of food or drinks (guess what‘s the newest addition is? Yes, coffee) related books and I'm open to new flavors and tastes, therefore I don't  have one favorite coffee or chocolate origin.  I prefer lightly roasted coffee and my go-to method of preparing coffee at home is Aeropress. Coffee is a ritual, a moment to share and savor, to stop and be in the "now", it unites and inspires to act.

When I travel, it‘s never without proper homework: a list of places where to eat, drink, cafes, national dishes to try and alike. I‘m a guide in Vilnius where I do food tours to foreigners and locals (disclaimer: am planning a Coffee and Pastries tour of Vilnius).

Fun fact about me: During my Freshmen year at LCC International University in Klaipėda, I won blind date competition/game with my Latvian neighbour from the dorm (and I didin‘t sign up for the game – it‘s my roommates that did it to me). The prize was a dinner at Italian restaurant, which happened to be closed, when we went there, so instead we went to have chinese... Oh, I also quit piano classes in musical school when I was maybe about 3-4th grader - when the notes got upside down – I didn‘t understand a thing, instead I graduated musical school with choreography diploma!

Coffee superpower: As I am a SuperTaster, its easy to pick up positive coffee flavors or defects and I ain’t afraid to slurp in public. 😊

Favorite coffee destination: that would be Tokyo for different coffee culture and cafes, Ethiopia to get to see the cradle of coffee, then Peru for all of its vast biodiversity and both Nicaragua and Costa Rica (for cacao as well 😊).