BLOG // // 25.1.2019

What can you expect from Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019?

One of the biggest and coolest coffee events in Lithuania is Vilnius Coffee Festival. What can you expect from this year's event? Make sure not to miss these!

Paulig presents Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019

1.  @SCA-certified Barista zone: Karoliina Mäkelä will make Paulig Kulma's "Vilnius Coffee Festival 2019" -coffee with two different waters. On Saturday she will give a lecture about water and coffee @education zone. Coffee enthusiasts can come to our zone and take small trainings with SCA certified baristas.

2.  @Lounge zone on the second floor we’ll introduce a new novelty from Paulig. Come and taste - we promise it will surprise you! 

3. One of the most exciting event in the festival is Latte Art Championship! Last year we saw Lion Kings, we cannot wait for this year's art.

4. National Barista Championship and National Coffee Tasting Championship will also be held in the festival!

5. Paulig will collect all take away coffee cups from the festival and recycle them to building panels. Special stands for cups will be placed all around Festival area.

6.  Sustainability in coffee business is a hot and important topic. Anna Vänskä from Paulig will come and tell what sustainability means for Paulig and how we managed to succeed in our promise "100 % sustainable sourced coffee".

Read more about the Festival from the Facebook site!