BLOG // // 7.1.2019

Coffee Trends 2019

In the beginning of the year it is time to predict what is happening in the coffee scene during the year 2019. What will be the biggest coffee trend in 2019? Here are my predictions for the coffee trends in 2019.

1. Sustainability in all aspects

raw coffee

There is, and should not be, a trend list that does not touch the topic of sustainability. Coffee & sustainability was one the biggest themes on London Coffee Festival and it will be also this year. In 2019 we are talking big impact like large companies initiating actions like: 100% sustainable sourced and smaller acts like: recycling coffee waste.

What does it mean for a coffee professional:
Think about what sustainability means in your everyday working life, how could you impact? Whether it is reducing food waste or giving up paper cups.

2. Stretching the concept of coffee

concept of coffee

Nowadays coffee is not only coffee – it can take the form of chocolate bar, popsicle or a lip balm and it can be mixed into beer, soda or liqueur or used in making sneakers. The concept of coffee is ever-changing and new innovations around coffee are popping up all the time. 

What does it mean for a coffee professional:
See coffee as a lifestyle, don’t get stuck in the old ways. 

3. Coffee is like wine

coffee is new wine

Coffee really is like a wine and big audience is only now starting to understand all the possibilities coffee has to offer. Appreciation of coffee quality is growing and with that understanding of flavour notes in coffee - It is not only about roasting level anymore.

What does it mean for a coffee professional:
Barista, start talking! Share the coffee knowledge with customers and guide them through the taste.

4. Geeking over producing methods

coffee processing

Natural, washed and honey – this is what we are use to. The most geeky baristas are looking to explore coffees that are processed in new ways. We’ve cupped La Cabra Coffee Roaster’s “Costa Rica Process Box” with “shaded natural”, “prolonged natural” and “Anaerobic Fermentation” but we’ve heard about Wine Process, double-soaked methods and lactic process to name a few.

What does it mean for a coffee professional: 
Explore, explore & explore! If you are not familiar with how the processing methods affect the taste profile, start cupping :)

5. Premium coffee = uniqueness & story

premium coffees

For coffee lovers, premium means of course quality but with that also comes unique taste experiences the coffee has to offer. Coffee geek is always on a hunt for the perfect cup therefore ordinary won’t do. The uniqueness can come from a rareness (e.g. micro-lot), a special processing method (see previous) or just extremely rare and expensive beans (e.g. Esmeralda Special Auction).

What does it mean for a coffee professional: 
Cupping is a great way to learn about coffee and get excited. There's more and more people who are interested in experiencing new flavours, so offer them that if possible. It does not need to be special roast, it can also be your signature drink or a perfect coffee & dessert combo.

6. Country-specifics

country specific coffee culture

It is fascinating how coffee cultures differ between countries! Each country have their own coffee drinks, habits, believes and brewing methods. In 2019 I’m looking into hearing more about these country-specific characteristics and hopefully some of the unique ideas will trend internationally. My wild guess is that the next big coffee drink comes from East.

What does it mean for a coffee professional: 
Get inspired by the various ways people consume coffee around the world and bring the best ideas into your cup!

7. Coffee experience @work

coffee at work

Among home, a workplace is the place where most of us coffee drinkers consume coffee. A coffee break between work has an effect on efficiency, job satisfaction and of course can build the company image too within employees and guests. During 2019 more efforts are put into the employee experience and in that coffee solutions play role. Coffee lounges/workplace cafés can look like your favorite café! 

What does it mean for a coffee lover: 
Demand good coffee also at work.

8. Multi-sensory experiences

multisensorial experience

Whether is about new product, service concept or café interior, in order to make it memorable it has to be multi-sensorial! In 2019 experiences that impact all senses are perceived luxury and will have the biggest impact on customer’s mind. There’s a whole playgroud that can be build around coffee!

What does it mean for a coffee professional:
Make them taste, see, smell & hear.

Share your views: what do you think will happen in the coffee scene during 2019? Comment below :)