Emmi Kinnunen

Emmi Kinnunen


Experience around coffee is what triggers me; there’s so much more in it than just the coffee itself.

Hi, I’m Emmi! My coffee career started by accident; I was looking for a job where I could combine two of my passions: performing in front of the audience and exploring tastes. I ended up as a Coffee Trainer in Barista Institute and it was crazy how everything sort of fall into place. I fell in love with coffee and everything around it. Nowadays my work is mostly about our media channels; this site and our social media but I still give coffee trainings every once in a while. The whole lifestyle around coffee triggers me; it is fascinating how coffee brings likeminded people together.

Fun fact: My first touch of barista work was in Melbourne where I worked in a small café when I was 18. I was not allowed to touch the espresso machine though but remember admiring barista’s amazing etching technique.

Coffee superpower: Finding best cafés from everywhere I go. Well to be honest, it’s not that difficult with Instagram and google, but I am super picky.
Favorite coffee destination: From origins, Kenya. For cafés and coffee culture, Melbourne.