Ella Takalainen is a barista trainer

Ella Takalainen


I have been brewing coffee basically my whole life and it’s something that really excites me. For these reasons working at the Institute is really a dream come true. 

I´m energetic organizer with passion for constant learning, I hope one day to archive all the possible SCA certifications because at the moment all the coffee education I have is from the practical experience and from my dear colleagues here at Barista institute. I feel that my specialty is in creating customer experience as well as building memorable moments for our student. I love spending time with people with similar interest and here at Barista Institute we are super fortunate to encounter much of these lovely coffee geeks at daily basis.

From the field of coffee I hope learn more and more but I’m especially interested in pairing flavors and thinking new ways to help our barista community trough our barista media.  

Fun fact about you: I often make a day time disco for my son with loooots of crazy dance moves. But I’m pretty sure it is me who is more into it then he is :D

What’s your coffee superpower? My ability to get completely lost into Instagram coffee posts for way too long past my bed time.

Dream coffee destination: I would love to visit San Francisco coffee scene and on the same go make little trip to Costa Rican coffee farm.