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Dmitry Korsakov

Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo 2017

Dmitry Korsakov // Russia

Moscow Coffee and Tea Expo is one of the most important events for coffee professionals and enthusiasts in Russia. This four-day event took place in October and gathered together people from coffee roasteries to beginner baristas.

Kati Kivikas Barista Trainer Paulig Estonia

The 5 Coolest Cafés in Tallinn

Kati Kivikas // Tallinn

If you are in Tallinn and crave some good coffee, this is the post for you! Tallinn has many great cafés to visit, but here’s my top 5 cafés.

Mihkel Jurimaa

How I Became the First Authorized SCA Trainer in Estonia

Mihkel Jürimaa // Tallinn

To become an Authorized SCA Trainer (AST) you need to know a lot about coffee. Here’s some basic info about AST and my experience from a two-day AST course.

Barista blogger Paulina Palaikyte

Coffee Is for Sharing: Coffee Community in Lithuania

When my friend suggested a grand cupping with different coffees, I was all in. Creating a coffee community or coffee events on your own is just a matter of getting people and coffee together.

Karoliina Makela

33 Hours in Oslo Speciality Coffee Scene

Karoliina Mäkelä // Helsinki

What is there in the cup, when you wander around Oslo checking out the trendy coffee shops, enjoying a cupping with legendary Tim Wendelboe and visit Kaffikaze, the Norwegian version of Coffee Festival?    

Barista blogger Karin Stenbäck

Copenhagen is the Food and Drink Capital of Scandinavia

Karin Stenbäck // Helsinki

Scandinavia is well known for its massive coffee consumption culture. We Finns have always been number one in the world, around 10kg of roasted coffee drunk per person per year, but Norwegians, Swedes and Danes are quite close behind with 6-8kg per person per year. Also our Scandinavian food culture is expanding to all around the world and Denmark especially is leading the way.

Barista blogger Jori Korhonen

5 Easy Tips That Will Make Your Latte Art Flourish

Jori Korhonen // Helsinki

Latte art is quite often the most attractive thing for a new barista, and it is an excellent gateway to the exciting world of coffee. It is easy to start with, but to master it, you need a lot practice and determination. Here are my tips that helped me a few years ago!

Barista blogger Jori Korhonen

How to Brew Good Filter Coffee: Coffee Brewing Advanced

Jori Korhonen // Helsinki

Let’s get really geeky for a moment and talk about coffee brewing recipes. I’ll will be talking about filter coffee brewing recipes this time, but same things concern espresso to some extent.

Barista blogger Karin Stenbäck

The Perfect Partner: A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee

Karin Stenbäck // Helsinki

Coffee is a very complex and multidimensional thing and just like in human relationships, you must really get to know it before you can understand it. There are a lot of things that affect the taste of your coffee, and I wanted to tell you shortly about some of those things. So sit back, relax and start deepening your relationship with coffee.

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